2023 VW ID.3: new teasers…

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The VW ID.3 is already 3 years old. That means time for some revisions. The usual “mid-cycle facelift”.

From the official teaser illustrations, it looks like the front bumper design will be all-new. Not really better, but different. It also looks like they got rid of the goofy-looking black trim at the base of the windshield. (that always looked a bit weird)

The rear ends seem exactly the same as the current model. And it’s hard to see what’s new inside since the exaggerated illustration resembles the current car. We know it will be getting the larger 12-inch screen from the ID.4. And of course, it will use the latest VW software. Which might or might not solve the many problems owners complained about. Besides the screen, the air vents are the only thing that looks new. And the addition of stitching on the dash (just like in the US-built 2023 ID.4)

Otherwise, the ID.3 is still not planned for the US. I’m also not sure what else we’ll be getting from VW. We’re not getting the European ID.5, which is a “coupe” version of the ID.4. There were rumors of the larger ID.6 coming here. It’s already been on sale in China for over a year. And would be a no-brainer for the US. But who knows… The upcoming ID Aero sedan model is not out yet. There’s a wagon version planned also. But again, who knows when.

Meanwhile, GM, Hyundai, and Kia keep announcing plenty of new EVs. Quickly covering more segments in the US.

This is the VW I.D 6 currently on sale in China. A larger 3-row EV that VW should really offer here. Next year we will see larger 3 rows of EVs from Hyundai and Kia. Why not VW?

The ID.5 is a sportier-looking “coupe” version of our ID.4. Something Audi is selling here with the Q4 e-Tron and Q8 e-Tron. But not VW for some reason…

This is the ID Aero. Although still a concept, this is actually a very accurate preview of the production model. A 4-door hatchback sedan. VW has already said the ID Aero will be a global model sold in China, Europe, and the US. It is scheduled to start production in 2023. But no word on how long it will take VW to bring it over here. The already released ID.Buzz won’t be here before 2024, so who knows when this will show up?

The ID Aero has a range of 385 miles in the European cycle. Which could still be around 340 miles from the US. This will be a great alternative to the Tesla Model 3. As well as the Ioniq 6. For those who don’t want to buy a Tesla (for various reasons) and those who think the Ioniq 6 is just too weird looking. And a hatchback will be a big advantage over both.

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  1. I don’t think it’s a bad thing the ID family is not on sale in the US yet. Best to wait for the facelifted version which will hopefully resolve the horrible infotainment system and touch buttons. Otherwise it won’t be doing VW any favours in terms of reputation or sales.

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