2024 Buick Encore GX: new spy shots…

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As mentioned earlier, the Buick Encore GX will be getting a few changes for the new year.

Mostly a brand-new front-end design. The Encore GX will be the first model in the US to adopt Buick’s new face and design language. I think they did a great job and the whole thing looks really good. The new front end is cleaner, more modern, and distinctive.

I test-drove the Encore GX a while ago and was pretty impressed. It is also quite a bit more refined than its cousin the Chevrolet Trailblazer. The rear end seems the exact same as before. Except for the new Buick logo.

The interior photo above shows the upcoming Buick Envista. But the revised Encore GX will adopt a very similar dashboard with that same double screen. No news yet about a revised powertrain or more power for the Encore GX.

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  1. I agree with you, Vince! The refreshed Encore GX (will the “GX” part be dropped?) looks good. I especially like how the tailgate reads B U I C K just under the new logo.

  2. The new Encore GX front end looks too much like the Bolt EUV front end, just with a real grill instead of a fake one.

  3. The Encore GX is a surprisingly NICE car. I bought a CPO one for my daughter, it’s a perfect car for her. safe, relatively economical, AWD (we live in the NE) and it has most of the options and more incl. a HUD. Super comfortable and actually VERY quiet at speed in spite of the 3cyl engine. Great long distance car, we did 500mi one weekend looking at schools and it was super comfortable. we cross-shopped it with CX-30 (way more expensive, no touch screen for apple car play), Crosstrek (way more expensive), Kona (smaller, more plasticky interior) The new one is an evolution, not crazy about the split front lights, the rear looks identical minus the logos. The interior is nice with the larger screens though why did they keep the big shifter? I think the “new” Buick logo without the circle is a step backwards

  4. it’s okay… not sure how i feel about he new logo…. i’m still mulling it over… anyways….

    lets talk about the HVAC…..how the hell do you call it “premium” if the dials are twist turny and its not digital… that is some flaws right there….just sayin

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