2024 Hyundai Kona: in the wild…

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I have to say, this photo of the new 2024 Hyundai Kona driving around in Korea is pretty disappointing.

Especially when compared to the official beauty shot from Hyundai (bottom pic). The rear end just looks way too busy. How many lights do you need? They should have found a way to include everything in the LED bar. Even if that meant making it a bit thicker.

I usually hate all the black plastic cladding on cars, but I think it might make the new Kona look a bit better. The photo above shows the EV model, where the fenders are painted. While the ICE and Hybrid versions still have the black plastic trim. Which, again, might hide these lights a little bit more.


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  1. *Careful. Mazda, Subaru, Toyota might hear that call for more black plastic. If there actually is anymore black plastic after they’re done this year. Well, at least it isn’t more black gloss outside. Are we officially done yet with the black out BS…PLEASE!!!

  2. I see that Hyundai is copying the Chevy Bolt, with the real brake lights low on the sides, and a useless light bar up high to confuse the cars behind.

  3. Hyundai and Kia have been doing weird things with rear lights the past few years and I find them somewhat of a safety issue. Like with the early 2000’s Land Rover Freelander, what you think are brake lights or turn signals, positioned where these lights would customarily be, and appear to be, have been sometimes decoys, with the actual lights low in the bumper or other places.

    I know designers get bored and want to be different, but when there is something that obviously draws your attention, such as the horizontal light bar on the Kona, and is roughly at eye level, why position the lights which actually alert a following driver of actions nowhere near that? Especially with distracted driving being such an issue these days, visual fakeouts like this make the situation worse.

  4. According to US laws, neither front nor rear lights can be fixed to a moving panel. This is why you see taillights like this.

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