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It seems the Kia Carnival Minivan just came out. It will be 3 years old in June, although it only came to the US in February 2021.

It seems Kia cannot wait to give it a new face and redesigned tail lights, for some reason. From the illustration above, the front end looks fine. A bit more like the Telluride. I Guess sales have been OK in the US and the renamed and more SUV-like Carnival sold a bit more than the previous generation, which sold as the Sedona in the US. It went from 13 190 units in 2020 to 21 155 the next year. Which isn’t bad at all, for a Minivan.

Although Honda still did better. Much better. Honda sold over 76 000 Odysseys last year. For some reason, the Toyota Sienna didn’t do that well. They sold 42 885 of them in 2020, but only 14 782 last year. And only 6 840 so far this year. It seems Toyota could be having a huge part shortage issue with the Sienna. This is a phenomenal drop.

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  1. Toyota only offers the Sienna as a hybrid. And most reviewers have said its OK, but lacks any real guts in acceleration. Honda has a 6cyl that is smooth and powerful. Even if the direction is fuel efficiency, people that buy these things know they’re gonna pay for a lot more gas. and they sure dont know what the word ‘compromise’ means.

  2. damn…. i liked the original front end because the led’s were fun and more like a “carnival” so that was fun… but i guess i get it… make it more like the telluride to feed the egos of those that don’t want a minivan….

    it’s easier to throw kids into… just sayin

  3. Toyota Sienna Hybrid sold 107,990 units in 2021 which was far more than Honda Odyssey at 76,125 and Kia Carnival at 25,155 units. Sales for the Sienna are down 44% this year due to the parts shortage so 6,840 is incorrect also.

  4. Poster’s sales figures above are correct, Vince. Sienna is parts constrained, wait list is ridiculous in terms of time. Get your facts straight.

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