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Mazda just released a new teaser for the upcoming CX-90.

The official photo shows the PHEV version of the new 3-row SUV for the North American market. And it does match the spy photos and videos we have seen recently. Mazda has mentioned the PHEV will be available in all 50 states (Which isn’t the case with many PHEVs). And it will be a performance version. Just like most PHEVs are. Even the regular Hybrid is sold as a more “performance” oriented version of the 2023 Honda CR-V. And the PHEV is also the performance model for the new Toyota Prius.

The base powertrain will be their all-new 3.0 Liter inline 6-cylinder engine with a 48-volt-assist.

We will see the new Mazda CX-90 next month.

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  1. Copying BMW design is not the right prescription….Why Mazda has lost the beauity and unique look of Koda design?

  2. Mazda really wants to be the German-alternative. They tried being the Japanese sport mfr, but that only went so far. But I’m ok with this. Even BMWs dont look like BMWs anymore.

    This appears clean and contemporary. I’ll be interested to see if the mechanicals are there and not some justified version (such as their detailed engineering explanation of why a torsion beam rear suspension is acceptable on the CX30 and CX50. hint – they’re not when you’re at highways speeds and hit a real bump.) If they can produce some 1. real thrust AND 2. have good mileage, they’ll have a chance. Then they just have to worry about the other Mazda issue – 3. cramped (but beautiful) interiors, like even the CX9 had. Overstuffed with s#*t or in general too small for their packaging! Maybe this will be different.

  3. The front-end will be similar to the CX-60. Which, unfortunately, is the opposite of “clean and contemporary”.
    About the packaging, this being based on a RWD platform might not be much more space efficient than the FWD (with AWD) platform used for the CX-9.

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