Cadillac Convertible: GM dream…

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GM Design posted a very nice illustration of a possible Cadillac Convertible on their Instagram today.

Of course, it doesn’t really mean they are actually working on a new convertible for Cadillac. Still. It’s good to see designers are still thinking about open-air driving and not just SUVs.

The production version sketch would make a really nice 4-seater convertible EV. It seems the Ultium platform possibilities are endless. From the Equinox EV to the Hummer pickup and SUV, and anything you can dream of in between.

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  1. We could see abandoned body styles make a comeback with EVs. The skateboard platforms that all the automakers would use should make it cheaper to produce more variations. An EV convertible would be ideal.

  2. Let’s hope it’s not at the same crazy asking price of $300,000. Only Mary Barra can afford it.

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