Neta E EV coupe.

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This new EV from China reminds me of what an electric Toyota Celica could look like.

In a sea of electric SUVs and sedans, it’s wonderful to see a 2 door coupe coming out. Even if it probably won’t be available outside of its home market. While it looks like a hatchback, it’s actually a coupe with a small trunk opening. Which is really too bad…

Apparently, this is a new product from Hozon Auto. A company I have never, ever heard of. They claim a 362 miles range in the Chinese test cycle. Which means quite a bit less overseas.

Some cool news from out of nowhere it seems…

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  1. I know it won’t happen, but I would love to see Mazda bring back the MX-6, which this Neta is really giving me vibes of. This is a very attractive design.

  2. I agree about the resemblance to the MX-6, and there are also hints of Opel Calibra and Toyota 86 in there.

    It’s neat enough, but the styling looks to the past rather than bringing anything new to the party.

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