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No, the Sunswift 7 isn’t the best-looking car out there. But with a 625 miles range, it could be one of the most efficient.

The Sunswift 7 is an experimental Solar car from a group of students at the University of NSW in Australia. It took the car almost 12 hours to cover 1000km. With an average speed of 84km/h. The car comes with a 38kWh battery and 2 electric motors. When running, the car gets energy from both the battery and solar panels. While parked, the solar panels recharge the battery.

This is a really cool idea, especially where EV infrastructure is sparse. But that infrastructure is getting better all the time. And could be just fine for almost everyone by the time this technology is able to be mass-produced.

It seems to be a similar idea to the upcoming Aptera car. Which is claiming an even longer range with 1000 miles! Although the battery does need to be recharged. As the solar panels will only add up to 40 miles a day. Aptera is expected to start production in 2023.

It’s really great to see people trying new things!

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