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Just a few more photos of a car we’ve already seen: the Toyota bZ3 electric sedan.

Toyota has still not made any announcement regarding sales outside of China. But it seems it could be a nice alternative to the Tesla Model 3 or even the Hyundai Ioniq 6. Although the Ioniq 6 has a really high quality, fancy and upscale interior that is very impressive in person. This seems a step below the Ioniq. t might be a bit overly simple. And I wonder if the misaligned glove box is a sign of a lower quality standard throughout the whole interior. Or just some pre-production glitch?

Either way, I think the new 2023 Prius looks way better than this. Although it would be really good for Toyota to offer some kind of an EV below the $43 500 bZ4X and slightly above the Prius.

Why not…

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  1. I don’t think the Ioniq cars are in the same category as this at all. This is obviously their electric Corolla the same way the VW ID3 is their electric Golf. It should be cheaper to buy than an Ioniq 6

  2. Honestly, why would anyone choose this over the much more attractive inside and out Prius. I still can’t believe I am calling a Prius attractive.

  3. This gets a huge NO from me…. Precrashed cars. And, how cheap and useless can they make their interiors? Apparently, a lot. That’s really Toyota’s superpower.

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