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While most current GM news is about EVs, not all upcoming models will be electric.

Buick is getting a 3rd generation Enclave SUV ready. And it will be a new ICE model. Just like the new (and larger) 2024 GMC Acadia. The 2024 Acadia and the new Enclave will be closely related.

The illustration above shows a more angular look for the next generation and includes Buick’s new face we will very soon see on the 2024 Encore GXand Envista. Otherwise, things will be pretty similar to the current model. It is expected to ride on a revised version of the current platform. The Acadia is rumored to maybe use a version of GM’s 2.7 Liter Turbo 4 cylinder engine. But the current super smooth 3.6 Liter V6 would still be better suited for the Buick. Especially since Acura and Infiniti are still offering V6 engines.

Although the next Enclave will be an ICE model, it will be the last one. A 4th generation will probably come out around 2023, and by that time, everything new will be electric.

GM sold over 42 000 Enclaves in 2021. Which isn’t bad. A new one would probably do even better .

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  1. This is just an illustration, please wait for the real thing. This illustration makes it look like a big station wagon (and are those Cadillac rims?).

  2. Hello Vince,

    Is this just someone’s best guess or from your sources is it close to reality. It is pretty detailed with a lot of the new Buick design elements, however there are some inaccuracies with it. The line separating the front fender from the driver’s door is off, with the mirror pasted right in the middle of the line. Also on Buicks other new designs, that aame line starts even with the rear of the little triangle window in front of the drivers window. Also, on all of Buick’s other new designs, the line that separates the front fender from the bumper is at the bottom of the headlight where this one is above, making for a awkward, very tiny front fender in this illustration. Do you have any other pictures of the back or interior you can post?

    If this is accurate, I think it will look just fine. As an example when the EV5 showed up in China government press, releases and patent filings, it looked terrible, but when you see the following video of the production vehicle from the Chinese website, it looks good.

    Video (copied from GM site)


    Website GM China Electra EV5:


    Thank you and Happy 2023,


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