2024 Buick Electra E4: this is it…

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It looks like the production version of the great-looking Electra X concept we saw last year will also look really good.

This, to me, instantly makes any current Buick design look old. There is a simplicity that isn’t there in any other Buick. It just looks like everything fits together. A truly clean and modern design. And a great way to start Buick’s EV adventure in the US. And also much, much better than the terrible-looking Electra E5.

The Electra E4 is about 1 inch shorter than the Equinox EV. This probably means it would be priced above it but still under the larger Blazer EV. That would mean anything from over $30 000 to under $45 000. And that’s all before incentives.

I really hope this comes to the US as Buick’s first EV. If pricing can start at under $40 000, this will have a good chance to be another hit for GM. For the price of a VW ID.4, this would be a much better-looking alternative. With faster charging and a longer EV range available as well. Plus, GM’s infotainment system is light years ahead of VWs.

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  1. Wow that is a steeply raked back windshield. Seriously, look at it. I haven’t seen too many production cars with windshields that angled back. That, along with the overall proportions give it a modern look. I hope the inside has a modern look as well – it better not borrow from other GM interiors. They all need to have their own look.

  2. Much better than the Electra E5 and the Envista. Still kind of plain looking. These new Buick designs all look a little down market to me. Meanwhile Chevy is churning out hotness with every new release. What gives?

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