2024 Kia K5: new spy shot…

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Just like the Hyundai Sonata, the Kia K5 sedan will be getting a mid-cycle refresh for the 2024 model year.

All we can see in the spy shot above is a bit of the new tail lights. I’m sure it’ll have a redesigned front end as well. And maybe a revised interior. You know, the usual…

They somehow managed to sell over 77 000 of these in 2021. Which isn’t as bad as I thought. Still less than the Hyundai Sonata with over 93 000. Although both a bellow the Nissan Altima with over 103 000 sold that same year.

Just like the Sonata, the K5 sedan will be canceled after the current generation. I guess Hyundai sees the new Ioniq 6 sedans as a kind of replacement. Although it is much more expensive. But at least it leaves them with a large sedan in the US. But Kia doesn’t have an equivalent to the Ioniq 6. I haven’t heard of an upcoming electric sedan from their new EV line. A larger EV9 SUV will be out shortly. And later a smaller EV4. But no sedan seems to be in the cards…

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  1. Too bad they are cancelling these. The price of EVs will need to come down for them to make sense as proper replacements.

  2. Kia does have an EV sedan coming like the Ionic 6. It is supposed to be unveiled in 2023. They unveiled their list 2 years ago of EVs. There are 3 Kia EVs set to be unveiled this year. There are 2 sedan EVs one for 2023 and the other for 2024. It’s like ever since the EV9 concept, and Kia revealing of 2 EV pick up trucks everyone FORGOT about the Kia chart.

  3. There are 3 Kia EVs set to be shown this year. The EV9, a EV sedan and a EV crossover smaller than the EV9. And of course the EV9. It’s on the chart. Goggle it. Only reason why we haven’t seen spy shots is because everyone is too caught up on the EV9. This chart came out when the EV6 eas unveiled 2 years ago.

  4. Does the Altima platform get used for multiple nameplates? If not, I’m pretty sure Hyundai/Kia is pretty happy they buried the Altima platform with 160,000 to 103,000.

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