2025 Chevrolet Corvette Sedan: new illustration…

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GM has found a new way to create even more high-profit margin EVs: a whole new Corvette Sub-brand. (As well as a bunch of new “Escalade” models)

We’ve seen what the upcoming Corvette SUV could look like, now we get a look at a possible sedan version of the classic sports car. Which is also coming soon.

From a leak, we know there will be a new sedan and an SUV. The sedan is planned to compete with the Porsche Taycan. Which doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I bet GM can still make tons of profit on a Corvette sedan priced at $10 000 or $15 000 below the Porsche. The leak also mentions new high-capacity battery packs and a 350kw charging speed.

This would have sounded like a bad idea a few years ago, but Porsche and others have proved it can actually work. A super sporty 4 door electric Corvette doesn’t sound so blasphemous anymore.

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  1. I find these new segments to be lazy engineering. It reminds me of all the reboots of Batman, but not really original and bland. Mc Laren wants to know to make a 4-door SUV too. Automakers need better ideas.

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