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Someone in the comment sections mentioned a video of the new Buick Electra E5 EV on GM’s Chinese website. And here it is.

It does show more of the new Buick EV, of course. Although I really don’t think it looks any better than in the early photos we’ve already seen. It’s not ugly by any means. But when compared to the Lyriq, Blazer EV or even Equinox EV is seems to have zero presence. Especially when compared to the new Electra E4.

There are many different rumors about this coming to the US, or not. Some say we are getting it, others mention we are getting the E4 instead. Plus, things do change. The Envista was officially mentioned as a Chinese market model only until it was scheduled to come over here.

I think there’s room for both in North America. Even though the E4 is only about 3 inches shorter than the E5. The Equinox EV is only about 4 inches shorter than the larger Blazer EV. Which means Buick could over both in North America as well. With federal incentives available on both, these 2 could do wonders for Buick sales in the US. Which aren’t as bad as many people say. With over 182 000 cars sold in the US in 2021, they still beat Acura and Volvo. And are only about 12 000 units from Audi. Which isn’t that bad at all…

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