Toyota Crown Coupe & Convertible: new illustrations…

I’m not sure why, but this rumor seems to persist. Somehow, Toyota would be planning coupe and convertible versions of the new Crown.

The Crown itself is not expected to be a popular model. Toyota has already shown a more formal fastback sedan version for the Japanese market. As well as a really nice wagon/crossover type and a more “regular” sportier SUV. But they never mentioned anything about a 2 door coupe or a convertible.

Sure, it would be nice. A PHEV convertible would be pretty interesting (PHEV is coming to the regular CRown). But I really don’t see this becoming anything…

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  1. I could see these cars (coupe and convertible) underpinning a Lexus variant. Lexus already has a surprisingly large number of coupes in its lineup, so having a Toyota variant to share costs with might make sense.

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