2023 Toyota Crown: meet the new family…

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Last night, Toyota not only introduced a new Crown for 2023, but a whole new lineup of cars that will wear the Crown name.
The one on the left is the one we will be getting in the US this fall. Called “Crossover Type”. Which is really wrong since it still has a small sedan-type trunk opening. (A huge mistake IMO)
This new Crown “Sedan type” is actually the direct replacement for the old fashion Crown sold for the last few decades in Japan.
Although looking much more modern. With a new fastback design. A modern interpretation of the classic Crown sedan.

I guess this “Sport type” is sportier? Although it will be using the same powertrains? 
Strange to have the crossover-type model be your sportier version. But why not…
Maybe this is going after the Macan in some way?

The “Estate type” is the wagon version. I guess looking like a cross between a real wagon and an SUV.

While it looks like an EV up front, Toyota isn’t mentioning an electric powertrain. At least not yet.  This is much more attractive than the Toyota Highlander we get over here. 

I just wonder where this would fit in the US lineup. Above the Highlander?

Either way, it does look quite nice. 

Not sure which ones we will be getting over here. Except for eh “Crossover Type” called just “Crown” in the US. But Toyota is mentioning the new Crown lineup will be sold in “40 countries and regions”.

I really wished they’d offer PHEV versions of all of these. The market is very quickly shifting to EVs. PHEVs are seen as acceptable bridge solutions for many. The market is changing very fast and regular Hybrids will soon have limited appeals. That’s just the way it is…

It’s also a bit concerning. Spending so much R&D money on these ICE models. I don’t think people will want “regular” hybrids for much longer…

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  1. You see Vince, I had a feeling they were going to spawn this higher division within Toyota.

  2. It seems like Toyota is preparing a tweener to cover all needs in the medium car range. I bet this is their bet to put the Camry, Avalon, RAV4, Venza, maybe even the Highlander, all into one common box. All hybrids.

    With ICE engined cars expected to decline, this makes sense. This consolidation is beyond TNGA. Its downright, one car with bodystyle mods.
    * one medium format hybrid – Crown
    * one small format hybrid (a Prius, Corolla, Corolla Cross, CHR – replacement)
    * One large format hybrid for specialty trucks/vans

  3. The red model, Crown Sport Type has my vote, as well as the FJ Cruiser replacement Mini.

    I wonder if the lineup spells doom for RAV4. Toyota might not be scared of Nissan and Honda, but of what the Koreans are now doing.

  4. I like the “Sport Type” and the “Estate Type” variants. They look much better than the jacked up sedan version that Toyota plans to offer here in the U.S. market. If a vehicle manufacturer is going to offer jacked up cars to appeal to a crossover crazy market, then the vehicles should be equipped with rear hatches to increase utility, not trunks.

    The regular sedan variant is hopelessly hideous. The Avalon looks much better than this.

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