2024 Lexus BX: new illustration.

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This Lexus BX illustration is obviously based on the photo we saw back in late 2021 (bottom). And actually doesn’t really show much more.

Except for guessing what’s going on under the headlights. Not sure if something like this is scheduled to replace the UX, or if it’s an even smaller model. The UX is over 4 years old. Which isn’t really old enough to be replaced. There have been rumors of a smaller Lexus model for the European market, and this could very well be it

To me, this really looks like something from at least 10 years ago. Like a Scion or a Toyota Matrix. Not what you’d expect in 2023. Especially from a luxury brand. Even the UX looks much more modern than this.

At least the illustration as well as the photo doesn’t seem to show the horrible Lexus grille. Which is slowly going away. Or being replaced by something a bit less offensive. Something the UX really needs too.

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  1. There’s always been something wrong with Lexus’s small car strategy. I’m not talking about the IS. I’m really getting at the NX, and more specifically, the UX. The problem is, they just dont fit the rest of the lineup, which feels more elevated. These two, are meant to be less expensive. But I’d argue that for these two models dont use a Lexus approach, but Acura’s. And that’s why they’re not particularly successful for the brand.

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