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This new Mazda CX-90 video shows their new SUV from all angles. Inside and out.

I think it does look quite nice in motion. I still cannot get used to the front end. Which is similar to the European CX-60. And just as ugly and old fashion in both, in my opinion. The interior does seem like a step above the competition. At least the widescreen isn’t sticking out as much either. Unlike recent Honda interior designs. materials seem first-class. Depending on the price, this could actually work for Mazda.

A smaller 2-row model is coming as well. Let’s just hope it looks better than the European CX-60. I don’t have any hopes for a redesigned front end since they’re already using it on their 2 new models. Which is really too bad. Let’s also hope it looks a bit more original than a shorter version of the CX-90.

After this, who knows? There will not be a new Mazda 6. maybe by next year, a new compact replacing the CX-30 could be ready. Since the CX-50 will probably be replacing the CX-5 over time.

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  1. The more I see the CX-90, the more I think the interior is a 100% home run; especially compared to it’s competitors. It might be a close clone of the CX-60, but that would be no different than what Volvo did in their cars/suv’s.

    The only thing that looks odd is the back. I can’t say what it is, but it looks off.

  2. with the current U.S. Mazda lineup, this will be 5 SUVs (CX-30, CX-5, CX-50, CX-70 and CX-90), the MX-30 Electric stopgap, two cars (Mazda 3 sedan and hatch) and the Miata.

    Where do you think Mazda goes from here as they electrify? I kind of see not more than 3 luxury SUVs, MX-30 bows out… but the rest? particularly if they lose SUVs as they create PHEVs, EVs, and hybrids? It kind of seems like they really need something that the Mazda6 had sizewise, and maybe a larger sportscar? or will they just pull a Honda/Subaru and have the TRAIL-rated versions of their SUVs? That seems like a shame. The 6 was just too large outside for being so small inside, and I always felt like they needed it to be a bit smaller, but in a wagon.

  3. This segment is going to to be interesting. But I think they over hyped the CX-90 then what it really is. The greenhouse isn’t nothing groundbreaking.

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