2024 Nissan Sentra: new photos.

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The Nissan Sylphy is basically our Nissan Sentra for other markets, including China, which is where these photos are from. As the Chinese model, Nissan Sylphy is getting some mid-cycle changes and the 2024 model year Sentra in the US is expected to get similar modifications.

The new front end actually looks a bit cleaner, if not more modern. It also matches the changes the larger Altima got last year.

The rear-end design seems a bit cleaner as well. The interior seems to be mostly the same, except for the wider screen and new shifter. The Nissan Sentra isn’t as popular as the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla, but it’s not doing too bad either. They sold over 127 000 of them in 2021, although that number crashed down to around 77 000 last year. I guess a slight revision and maybe better availability in 2023 could help the Sentra get back into shape.

Powertrains aren’t expected to change in the US, which means still so “e-Power” Hybrid for us.

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  1. i kinda liked the preface lifted front end version and i also prefer the traditional auto stick shifter the new shifter. Other then that, the Sentra interior looks fantastic for a compact/budget friendly car. Two things untouched which would make this a (more ) better car are the powertrain. Ditch the cvt and stop beating a dead horse. A return to a conventional 6 speed auto would be great in any vehicle from any auto maker. The option of another more powerful engine , whether aspirated or a small-modest turbo horsepower bump would be great.
    Altho i do understand things are done for a reason, such as forcing buyers to step up and pay more for a better vehicle in the Altima or Maxima . Seems to work out great for Toyota and Honda customers, who seem to have more choices per each vehicle with hybrid/gas/turbo options and trim levels.
    Nissan was a pretty good car company, i hope they return to offering great reliable-interesting-vehicles where you could buy it and use as a daily commuter or just drive the shit outta it and eventually sell it, knowing an eager used car buyer lining up to buy it.

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