2024 Toyota RAV-4?

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It seems Toyota has revised the RAV-4 in China.

Not sure what version is pictured here, (the red car is the US Prime version). ut the revised front end is still pretty busy but a bit cleaner. It’s a more conventional design with a smaller grille.

Again, the top photo might just show a specific version for the Chinese market, something that will not be sold in Noth America. Although I guess it’s time for the RAV-4 to be getting a mid-cycle refresh soon. While it looks very different, they’ve managed to keep the fenders and hood exactly the same. Still not the cleanest-looking face…

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  1. This iteration of the RAV-4 has been a bit too chock-a-block, if that’s a word, for my taste. A smoothing out might help it a bit, but they shouldn’t be stealing the Lexus spindle in front IMO.

  2. I still like the current version. I also liked the previous version Honda Accord. I just hope Toyota doesn’t mess up the RAV4’s exterior like how Honda did with the new Accord.

  3. Also this isn’t even the RAV-4. It is the Toyota Wildlander. I believe you’ve posted about it in years past. Based on the RAV-4 but has always had a different face.

  4. I’m actually a big fan of the current RAV-4, no small feat since they are everywhere here in Sydney. I love its truck like design and sharp lines, great colour choices and hybrid engine.

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