2024 Toyota Venza?

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Just like the RAV-4, it looks like the Toyota Venza is also getting some changes for the new year. At least in China.

These are very minimal and don’t really amount to a mid-cycle refresh. The photo might also be showing the new PHEV version we are not getting in the US. At least not yet. Which is basically a Venza version of the Toyota RaV-4 Prime. And would be a nice addition to the US lineup.

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  1. Hopefully they finally correct the turn signals located down in the bumper just like the Kia Carnival.

  2. Toyota can’t resist the urge to make the front end more and more garish with each update.

  3. They need to extend the rear hatch to accommodate more cargo space, and get rid of that weird rear-end with the pointed tail. That alone would be an improvement, making it more functional with space and cosmetically appealing. Also make the lower trim level come standard with the 12″ screen.. these changes would make it probably be the best selling suv in its class.

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