2024 Buick Envista.

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The new Invista basically replaces the old Encore in Buick’s lineup for 2024. Right under the larger Encore GX. It is Buick’s version of the new 2024 Chevrolet Trax.

Just like the Trax, the Envista comes with a 1.2 Liter Turbo engine with 136HP and a 6-speed Automatic transmission. No CVT, but also no AWD.

3 models will be available, “Prefered”, “ST” and “Avenir”.

The base “Prefer” model starts at $23 500. Or around $3000 more than the Chevrolet Trax. I’m not sure what you’re really getting for the extra $3000, since the new Trax also looks really nice.

The sportier ST trim starts at $25 200 and the “Avenir” version starts at $29 700. Again, while these are really good prices, the Trax is also very nice for quite a bit cheaper.

It’s good to see an upscale small SUV at these prices. The Envista is also around $2000 cheaper than the 2024 Encore GX.

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  1. The blue Avenir trim car shown here is really a great design. Particularly from the back, it looks modern and upscale. I wish we had a decent Buick dealer in our area. The thing that keeps coming to mind is how much this really should be the target of a new Acura entry crossover slotted below the RDX. The back styling of this and the Integra seem pretty close, and I think the smaller nose would benefit from Acura’s current design language. And, Honda already has a version of the north American HRV (ZRV) in Asia that is AWD and using the 1.5t from the CRV. That would be a perfect upgrade in power and efficiency for an Acura, if only they didn’t have such shortsightedness. And Acura needs the fuel economy – the RDX’s FE is terrible. Jon Ikeda… if you’re listening! This is how you build the brand. Electrics aren’t the only game in town through 2030. Well done, Buick.

  2. This is a very sharp looking vehicle and I was happy to see most of the comments about the styling, inside and out, were positive. And I think the pricing is pretty damn fantastic. The price premium over the Trax is probably related to standard features. The fact that it looks like these 2 vehicles share no body panels or even major interior parts is a huge plus. Really the biggest shame is the lack of AWD. For the majority of people good snow tires would get them anywhere they need to go, but market perception is everything and people think they need AWD no matter how many times you tell them otherwise.

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