2025 Jaguar EV: 1st teaser.

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After years of wondering what is happening to Jaguar, we now have a teaser.

The first official teaser of a new Jaguar model since September 2019 when they were teasing us the upcoming and all-new XJ Electric sedan. As we know, that model was canceled soon after the teaser came out and we never saw it. Jaguar plans then changed completely, including a brand new EV platform called JEA.

What the new teaser shows is a brand new model described as a “4 door GT” and is targetting the Porsche Taycan as its competition. That means a sporty, not very large 4-door sedan. Deliveries are scheduled to start in 2025 at a base price of $124 000. The EV range is targeted to be 430 miles in the European test cycle. The new car will be built in England and will debut later this year. I guess we will be seeing plenty of teasers in the next few months.

Not sure what to think from the new teaser. It could end up looking very sporty and aggressive, which would be a very sharp departure from past Jaguar designs.

Since Jaguar had announced plans for all-new EVs coming out this and next year, many have tried to guess what these new models could look like. Most would, of course, illustrate cars and SUVS inspired by past Jaguar designs. It seems Jaguar is trying something very different this time, at least for their new “4-door GT model”. Although I do hope some of these new models draw some design cues from Jaguar’s glorious past.

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  1. Vince said “a brand new model described as a “4 door GT” and is targetting the Porsche Tycan” But there is no such thing as a ‘Porsche Tycan’

  2. Ok.

    I was so disappointed that they didn’t follow through with that electric XJ sedan. It looked like it was shaping up to be a stunner. Those were the days…

  3. “Commenting on its new EV, Jaguar Land Rover’s design chief, professor Gerry McGovern, said: ‘It will knock the eyes out of your head when you see it.” ‘The new Jaguar will be fearless and progressive, exuberant, modern and unique. We should be proud of its Britishness,’ McGovern added. The teaser shows the back.

  4. I’m looking forward to the new, all-electric Jaguar lineup, which will likely be a 4-door GT sedan and two crossovers of different sized. I’m also hoping that the 4-door GT will be large like the once-mighty XJ, or to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, BMW i7, upcoming new-generation Audi A8 (to be all-electric) and upcoming new-generation all-electric Maserati Quattroporte, and not be something downsized. If it’s smaller or downsized, it would be a disappointment.

  5. “Bring back the old” is such an oxymoron. Jaguar was always the experimental and new, ahead of it’s time. Even the moniker XJ means “Experimental Jaguar”. For some reason the Ford era took the brand backwards to a “retro” look instead of what Jaguar has always stood up for: new and exciting. Remember XJ40 had the futuristic gauge panel in the 80s etc. Now for some reason some people want Jaguar to mean “old and familiar”. That is such a shame. If you want old and familiar, buy a Toyota.

  6. The sole purpose of an experiment is to make it work. And how they succeeded at that! The XJ has become a timeless icon, a classic that was refined up to 2009 and always retained it’s iconic style, not unlike Porsche. Since then, the Jaguar brand has lost its touch. Trying to appeal to the less affluent Audi and BMW buyers, being led by a French CEO is worthy of Monty Python.

    Meanwhile Bentley, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin evolved into modern versions while staying true to their design DNA. Furthermore, we’re not talking an XJ now, it’s a GT, much to my disappointment as a typical Jaguar buyer. After all, whats the point in trying backwards experiment the past vision of the Porsche Taycan, that was introduced 10 years ago already.
    I do appreciate the aim to take the brand upmarket again though.
    It never was a volume brand in the first place.

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