Mystery SUV: Nissan?

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Although this picture was taken in Europe, it looks a lot like a Nisan to me.

But which one? The Kicks could be due for a new generation soon but this looks a bit large for the Kicks. Unless the next one grows in size. There is room under the Rogue since Nissan never released a 2nd-generation Rogue Sport (A.K.A Qashqai in Europe) in the US.

If it’s not a Nissan, it could actually be anything. Including a bunch of Chinese models. Except not that many of these are actually sold in Europe. It could also be something From Stelantis for Europe. Maybe a new Opel. Although it doesn’t look that modern at all. That could maybe mean a Subaru.

No matter what this is, it will not stand out and will blend perfectly with the millions of other SUVs out there…

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  1. It’s named Qashqai too in Canada… Why does US always change the names…? The same goes for your Outlander Sport, which has its own name elsewhere in the world…

  2. Erm Vince, the Qashqai and Juke are both designed and manufactured in Europe, at least for the EU market. So would make perfect sense to see mules in Europe or Nissan models like these.

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