New GM sedan???

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Not sure. that could be so many things…

Since it was caught in the US that seems to eliminate a Chinese model. (Although they might also be testing cars in the US). It does seem to me like a GM sedan, possibly a Cadillac. (?) Although the CT5 is due for a refresh soon, which means a new one isn’t coming soon, if ever. And by that time its replacement would probably be an EV.

This could also be a new Buick sedan for the Chinese market. We’ve already seen the new Lacrosse but haven’t heard anything about a smaller Refal replacement. Again, this would be for the Chinese market only and wouldn’t be available in North America.

This also looks pretty large. And basically, a bit weird. There is a strange retro Bill Mitchell vibe to it. Maybe a new Chinese sedan after all, or some strange test mule or something…

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  1. that is not a real photo lol. for starters look how off-center and differently shaded the license plate is, along with the lighting all over the car that does not match the background

  2. That looks like a BIG car. If it is GM, it can’t be anything other than Buick or Cadillac. The taillights have that hockey stick shape that Buick has been trying out for a few years now on it’s lights. But then again, the Cadillac Celestiq and Lyriq also has hockey stick shaped taillights but they are pointed the other way.

  3. I’m not convinced this image is fully authentic. It’s low res, but several parts of the image look photoshopped to my eye. If it is real, Chinese sedan or new 300 would be my guess

  4. I think. hope its a Buick . I see the vibe .
    That Division, the original creation of David Dunbar Buick , that GM was built around is DEAD.
    Its all SUV , Crossover lineup is an absurdity, beyond human comprehension!
    This could be a Rivera, or Wildcat!
    If they built & sold that in the US it WOULD save Buick from oblivion.

  5. There’s enough here to say this is the Camaro sedan. That shoulder line is distinctly camaro

  6. Is Corvette supposed to become an entire line up of cars? Hmmmmm? In reality I think it is way to early to see a test Corvette sudan.

  7. Is Corvette supposed to become an entire line up of cars? Hmmmmm? In reality I think it is way to early to see a test Corvette sedan.

  8. Looks like the front wheels are larger than the rear wheels. I vote Chrysler product as well.

  9. Not a Cadillac or Chrysler. There is a gas fuel door on the fender. The next 300 is rumored to go EV, and all future North American Cadillacs will be EV as well.

    And I doubt Buick will ever get a sedan again. Unless this is the future CT6 that will just be for the Chinese market.

  10. Those rear lights and styling elements scream Lexus to me. Looks a whole lot like the LC500/LS500 in that regard. Could it be a new ES?

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