2024 Cadillac CT6.

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We already know GM has developed a second-generation Cadillac CT6 sedan. Although that new model will not make it to the IUS and will only be sold in China.

As usual with most ICE models these days, it is heavily based on the previous generation. Although exterior and interior designs will be all new.

At least in these photos, it looks much “softer” than the previous one. And to me, it almost looks like the last Chevrolet Impala from a few years ago. Although I’m sure official photos will look a lot better.

More on the new CT6 very soon…

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  1. Its gorgeous & Americans aren’t allowed to have it , due to the absolutely stupid actions of GM .
    They want to force trucks , SUVS , Crossover jokes on people.
    Buicks silly lineup of all tin cans ( Enclave is beautiful & worthy) , is failing.
    The foreign passenger cars ARE selling well.
    This Cadillac needs to be on sale in showrooms immediately!

  2. I agree. The c-pillar appears to have been grafted directly from the impala and ruins what was previously the most desirable vehicle in General Motors stable. If they would simply resume production of the 2020 model there would be lines of current/ former ct6 owners waiting to hand over cash for a new one. I’ve owned dozens of new GM vehicles including some very fun toys. The only 1 I regret letting go was my 2020 ct6 premium lux. Now audi, Mercedes, and BMW compete for my money because I’m never buying a crossover or an EV. God gave us 2 choices in many aspects of life:good/evil, men/women, cars/trucks, and Gas/Diesel. Killing off the current 2 choices to try and make a crossbreed look better is stupid. Taking away the ct6 because it spot lights the weakness of the ct5 was stupid.
    Congratulations GM on your progress towards your goal of irrelevance.

  3. Seems as stupid as developing the BLACKWING engine that wouldn’t fit in any other Cadillac. The CT6 is a stunningly, beautifully designed and proportioned automobile. What I see of the Chinese version looks even better. Just heard Chevy is doing away with the Bolt. Glad I don’t own GM stock. What are they not thinking. Build the CT6 in China and ship some to USA.

  4. I’m not going to be force fed an SUV… nor an electric car. For the first time in my life I’m considering an import from a non-domestic company. GM has made some really silly decisions concerning their line-up that will cost them dearly moving forward.

  5. Nothing new for GM to make assanine decisions, exactly why they needed a Government bail out to continue operations.

  6. We bought and love our Premium Luxury 18 CT6 last year with low miles CPO and are disappointed that we will not be able to find a newer one when ready to upgrade. The 18 CT6 is stunningly beautiful and heads turn for it while parked or driven. GM’s decision to not sell in the US is stupid and I will never purchase another one of their smaller SUV models. If they don’t want our money, so be it.

  7. The Cadillac name is all American. Therefore, the CT6 should be built only in America for America!!!!

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