Lancia Gamma EV: new illustration.

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As we’ve just seen the first sign of life from Lancia a few weeks ago with the new Pu=Ra HPE concept, we now start seeing illustrations of the possible production versions of future new EV models.

The illustration above takes as many design cues possible from the concept and adds them onto a more SUV shape. There is no way to know how close the concept was to a production design and what design cues will make it into the transition. This is as good of a guess as any.

Lancia Gamma Sedan
Lancia Gamma Coupe

The Gamma was a big Lancia sedan produced from 1976 to 1984. (It also came as a gorgeous coupe). Stelantis is planning a series of new Lancia models based on the new STLA EV architecture. And none of them will be sold in North America…

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  1. Again, as with my Camry comment, the Lancia brand has been selling only in Italy and nearby countries as a very cheap, economical brand with some visual flair. Anything looking like the above illustration would presume it’s a rival to something much more expensive. Sure, they can go upmarket and an alternative to brands like Citroen’s DS and SEAT’s Cupra to a lesser extend. But they would also be losing their current clientele. Lancia would be best to offer a Fiat 500-based EV.

  2. That looks so bad. Totally unappealing. If this is the design direction that they take, then you might as well sign Lancia’s death certificate now.

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