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As expected, the Buick Envision SUV is getting “the big mouth” for 2024.

Buick hasn’t released much info yet, but you can see they’re in a hurry to apply that new face on everything. First the Encore GX and now the Envision (in addition to the all-new Envista). While I think it does work very well on the new Electra E4 EV, t seems a bit too much for the Envision. (As well as the Encore GX). The 2nd Generation Envision is a very nice design and I’m really not sure the huge grille is an improvement.

GM has only released one photo of the interior to illustrate the Super Cruise available on the Avenir version. But you can already tell the super wide screen is in there. Again, just like every other new Buick model. Unlike the big mouth, that screen is always in improvement over what it replaces. Although I really liked the current Envision interior too…More on the 2024 Buick Envision soon.

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  1. While I do like the outgoing Buick Envision, I also like the new ’24. In comparison, the outgoing one, as nice as it looks, now seems dated. And Vince, the “big mouth,” as you call it, is lessened when a front license plate is added in many states.

  2. Egads, what a hideous new front end! It has no grace or style. The new look of Buicks may hasten the end of Buick in the US. “Hey, let’s put squinty turn signals and a huge grille on it and call it new and modern!” Yeah, right.

  3. It is a really good looking car, though not as big in person. Driving dynamics are soft and quiet, great outward visibility. I would like them to add more HP and torque to compete with the Ford Edge and just make AWD standard. The outgoing grill redesign was smart, as the crosspiece was outdated and looked cheap. This cleans it up and gives it a more aggressive front. As a designer, I think it is a better SUV idea. LESS IS MORE.

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