2024 Ram Rampage.

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These early teasers give us an early look at the all-new RAM Rampage compact pickup truck.

The new Rampage will be mostly sold in South America, especially Brazil. At 197 inches long it’s not that compact. But still about 3 inches shorter than the Ford Maverick. This means it could very well fit in our market. Although because of the stupid ancient “Chicken tax,” it would have to be built in the US. Which would probably be too costly. (Although the Maverick is assembled in Mexico..)

In South America, the Ramgage will be offered with a choice of a 2.0 Liter gas engine or a diesel.

The design looks pretty boring and quite anonymous. The American flag incorporated in the rear light can be seen as cheezy or clever. No matter what. It’s a little weird for a product not sold in the US.

We should see more about the RAM Rampage very soon.

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  1. Mind-blowing if this isn’t going to be sold in the US. Ford sold 75,000 Mavericks in 2022. Is Stellantis going to pretend that they couldn’t use another 75,000 sales? Between Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, they make so few vehicles that I can’t imagine they can’t find production room somewhere to make these in North America.

  2. LoL what are they thinking not selling it here? Especially with THOSE taillights??

  3. this would be an amazing addition to the RAM offerings in the USA, especially if the engine is a gas hybrid to compete with the Maverick. is there no way for them to find manufacturing capacity near the US to make this happen? It would sell amazingly, look at the Ford Maverick, they’re sold out again!!!!

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