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These are spy shots of the upcoming Mazda CX-80, which will be Mazda’s 3-row SUV for the European market. Even though they had claimed earlier that Europe and North America would not be getting the same models, this looks exactly like our CX-90 introduced recently.

I think the CX-90 looks fine from any angle except the front. o me that huge front grille just ruins everything. It just makes the whole thing look older than it is. I have the same problem with Infiniti and Genesis.

So far the CX-90 has been getting pretty good reviews, although the Hybrid version has not been praised that much and has even been described as rough. This is too bad since this is one of the few advantages Mazda has over its competition…

We’ll have to wait a little longer to see if our CX-70 will be a CX-60 clone or not…

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  1. This Mazda Dealer seems to think the CX-70 will be exactly the same size as the CX-90, but omit the 3rd row. I really hope this isn’t going to be the case, and it makes zero sense why it would be. 🤷‍♂️

  2. My understanding was that the CX-60 was a narrower vehicle than what we’ll get here, and that the CX-80 would be an extended version of that vehicle CX-60. So, essentially a CX-90’s side and length, but grafted onto the narrower body form for European/Japanese streets. Following that, I’m really hoping that our CX-70 would be the narrower form with a hybrid drivetrain, and NOT a shorter length CX-90.

  3. Interesting. So this will be a shorter version of the CX-90. I can see in the rear doors how they cut the length.

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