2024 Chevrolet Traverse

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We saw official photos of the new 2024 Chevrolet Traverse just a few days ago. Showing us the fancier Z71 and RS versions.

Now we get to see the base LS and slightly upgraded LT models. And of course, they don’t really look as good. Mostly because of the much smaller wheels, but also from these generic/no background website photos. They also make the redesigned model look very similar to the 2023 version (bottom). Or at least, not that much more modern…

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  1. Oh, now I see why people are saying it looks like a mini Tahoe. The RS version hides it well.

  2. Still can’t believe they all include that large 17in screen inside and finally standard adaptive cruise control. Probably will be one of the roomiest interiors just like the previous gen. Just sad to see the v6 go, everything is going turbo which puts so much more pressure and wear on the engine.

  3. A photo of the 2023 Traverse LS/LT would clearly illustrate the “modern” exterior changes between the 2023 vs 2024 Traverse LS/LT better than a picture of the top end 2023 Traverse High Country trim level you presented.

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