2024 Kia Sorento

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I was expecting much worse for the revised 2024 Kia Sorento, but this is actually a pleasant surprise.

The revised front and rear ends are a bit cleaner. The vertical headlights look really nice. But the most important change is inside, where it was needed the most. The current model interior is quite a mess. With a never-ending string of various shapes and materials that just don’t work well together. The new dashboard is much simpler and clearer. except for a revised center console, the rest of the interior seems the same, which is now fine since that weirdo dashboard design was the worst part.

Let’s hope Kia can keep the price close to what they are today since the Sorento is a pretty good deal. Except for the crazy overpriced PHEV.

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  1. The tiger-nose grille idea seems to be less emphasized. Also yes to the Cadillac similarity.

  2. On a super lame side note! I like the individual spaced SORENTO name on the old one. Now the new one is just a small badge like before. What happened there?

  3. I think that new turn signal shifter is on all the new 2024 models. (The new Hybrid models will be 2025)

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