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I just got a 2023 Honda Accord Sport Touring Hybrid for a week and will report on it soon.

So far, driving it right after the Cr-V Hybrid, it’s surprising how different these 2 are, while using the same powertrain. The Accord is quieter and more refined. But I was a big fan of the previous generation, and so far, I still prefer it to this new one.

As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have.

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  1. Honda’s social media pages are FILLED with negative comments on this car’s looks. My personal feeling is they need to amend the front end soft-body areas QUICKLY to inject some much needed personality to this. I wonder how quickly they’re going to fill demand since it just came out and if it’ll start building up on dealer lots – just because of its severe blank looks. If they could fix that, I’d probably end up buying one. And they have exactly one year until Toyota shows up with a new Camry design.

  2. The reason Honda gives the Sport Touring for reviews is not just so you can try all the equipment, but because its the only trim with additional sound insulation and accoustically laminated glass. ie. its the quiet trim.

  3. We own the 2023 sport hybrid. Very pleased so far. More car than anyone needs. Try the regenerative braking paddle shifters(you can actually bring the car to a complete stop with them..). Like the previous model, the look is new and some people do not like it. After you own it for a few weeks, the look becomes irrelevant. The only two areas are taut ride and some road noise because of low profile 19 “tires. May be the touring has addressed these minor issues. They are not an issue with us, but a review has to find something….

  4. I use these paddles all the time and they never bring the car to a complete stop. It’s better than with the HR-V, but still never a complete stop.

  5. Keep pulling the shifters Vince. After 3 or 4 successive pulls, depends on your speed, you see what I mean. Of course, they are not a substitute to brakes. One or two successive pulls will not do it.. You are right, I have to be careful saying …complete stop, there are dummies out there.

  6. You’re definitely not the first review I have seen that praises the refinement of the Accord, while describing the CRV Hybrid driving characteristics as anything but. I just hope the upcoming Civic hatch takes more after the former than the latter when it’s introduced.

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