2022 Honda Accord Hybrid: farewell drive…

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No, this is not the all-new 2023 Honda Accord.

This is the current 10th-generation model. Available since 2017. I test-drove it a few years ago. Both the 2.0 Liter Turbo and Hybrid versions. And I thought it would be a nice idea to drive the Hybrid again before the new generation becomes available.

As far as the 5-year-old design is concerned, I still think it looks better than the new generation. It was a big departure from the previous model back in 2017 and still looks very modern today. A stark contrast with the 2023 model which, to me, looks more like a 15-year-old design.

Same thing inside. The 2022 Acord doesn’t look like the previous generation Civic. Unlike the 2023 model which looks a lot like the current Civic inside. Everything here is very solid and well put together. The screen is almost integrated into the dashboard and doesn’t look like an aftermarket tablet. Like it does in newer Honda models. And everything is where it’s supposed to be.

The 10-speaker sound system included in the Touring model sounds fine, but not great. Which is the case with many previous-generation Hondas. The main problem is the almost total lack of base. A problem that seems to have been resolved with their current generation models, especially the ones with the Bose systems.

It’s also one of these cars where the phone charging pad is buried under the dash. Which is the best way to forget your phone in the car since you can’t really see it. (It happened to me every single time I left the car). Most new cars have that issue. So far, the best placement for a phone charger I’ve seen is in the Kia EV6. The Accord charging pad is also very, very slow to charge.

The loaded Accord Hybrid Touring is, as always, a joy to drive. The steering is about perfect. The steering wheel itself feels great. The suspension is always comfortable, but never soft. And the car is also super roomy inside, with more legroom in the back than most people will ever need.

Road noise can be an issue. But not all the time. On certain roads, the car is dead quiet at freeway speed. But other surfaces can be very noisy. It’s just a bit weird since it doesn’t seem consistent at all. Noise level varies a lot. The engine itself is almost always super smooth and quiet. Except once in a while when the CVY/Hybrid combo revs up the engine a bit more than expected. A usual hybrid car weirdness.

While the Honda Accord Hybrid can be rated at a 48MPG average. The Touring version I was driving was rated at 44City and 41HWY. The car I test-drove a few years ago had smaller wheels and I was getting around 46/48MPG around town. And a bit over 50MPG FWY. This time I reached a bit over 50MPG around town. And around 44/46 on long highway trips ( I went to San Francisco).

When I last drove the Accord Hybrid Touring in 2019, the sticker price was $35 910 before the $920 destination and handling.

The 2022 model I just drove is priced at $38 685 plus $1095 D&H. That’s a bit under a $1000 increase for each year. Which isn’t too bad these days. Although the new 2023 model could see a larger bump in price.

I’m not sure if you can actually get a good deal on a 2022 model before the new 2023 comes out. But If you really like the Accord, I would still pick the current generation. I saw the new one in person at the Los Angeles Auto show a few weeks ago, and couldn’t really see a superior product. Same thing inside. At least, without driving it.

The current Honda Accord is still a great choice.

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  1. I’m reserving my final judgment until I see the 23 Accord, but everytime I see a 10th gen on the road, It’s profile is always turning my head. The front and rear, might be better on the 23, but not sure yet. I agree with you about the interior.

  2. There always seems to be an unknown around the bend, with a new generation of Honda’s. Like purging all the colors out of the HRV lineup. Or only offering black interiors in a top tier vehicle. It probably keeps things interesting. That said, we’re looking for our next (hybrid, and likely Honda) vehicle.

    I’m probably waiting to see the ’24 for upgrades that Hondas desperately needed. Loved the interior, but the seats never quite fit me in the CRV for some reason, and this Accord has the same ones. The infotainment has little ‘tainment’ to it…blah! And, some of the exterior detailing just didn’t feel like it aged well – the refresh should have better addressed it (the tail’s frumpiness and the cheesy plastic insert accent rising across the side to the back). I also wanted it to be a bit taller, but then…. we want everything, dont we. We’ll see how the new Accord stacks up. So, again… waiting (the life of the Honda repeat buyer).

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