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Cadillac CELESTIQ side profile view with the sky and mountains in the background.

GM has announced the Cadillac Celestiq will start at $340 000. Or should I say the “Crazy price” of $340 000?

I have no doubt the new Cadillac sedan is a very impressive car. But no matter what you think, pricing a Cadillac at a Rolls Royce price is just crazy. It makes me think of the old ELR, which was a very nice car but basically a redesigned Chevrolet Volt for over $75 000.

They probably only intend to sell a few hundred of these and will have buyers for every one of them. By pricing it over $340 000, it basically has zero competition, since no one considering a Bentley or a Rolls would even think of a Cadillac. Except for these few hundred oddball millionaires who are craving something different above everything else.

This is really too bad as what Cadillac really needs is a fantastic luxury sedan that competes with the Tesla Model S, Lucid Air, and Mercedes EQS and crushes all of them. Imagine the CEltiq design on a $100 000 car. Even $150 000. And that really cool futuristic design did deserve to be on a car that people will actually buy in reasonable quantity.

$340 000 (To start!) is higher than the Bentley Flying Spur which starts at around $220 000. A Rolls Royce Ghost starts at $343 000, the same as the Celestiq. While the Spectre EV starts at $420 000. So the Celestiq is only a good deal when compared to the new Spectre I guess…

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  1. I honestly wouldn’t want to drive this thing even if it were free. It competes with the Pontiac Aztec as the ugliest car ever.

  2. If you are comparing this car to other mass-produced cars like the Lucid Air or a Model S, you are missing the point. This is as full bespoke car. You aren’t just picking the paint and maybe brown leather or black leather interior. Just about every part of this car that you can touch or see is customizable. This car was never intended to sell more than a few hundred of them a year. It is supposed to be a high customizable halo car for the ultra rich, not a car sold in the thousands aimed at those who can afford a $100k car. Cadillac needs another vehicle aimed at the S-class/EQS market. This is aimed well above that, on purpose.

  3. I think this hatchback design works on a luxury car-think the 1980 Rover V8 3500 or Porsche Panamera. The RR Spectre look like a Dawn coupe refresh, has only 2 doors, and is priced $100K more. The Caddy has 4 door convenience and a hatch for ease of loading luggage. It looks much more unique and imposing then the Rolls IMO.

  4. I agree with SEH that Cadillac needs something to compete with the Air, Model S Plaid, and higher-end BMWs and Benz/Maybachs, but they should have brought that out first. A $200K Cadillac is a stretch at best,, this is just ridiculous.

  5. I still can’t even begin to fathom how Cadillac will find buyers for this car. Especially when it’s not even that attractive of a design. If I happen to win tonight’s megamillions drawing, this vehicle won’t even be in the running.

  6. Vince, you’re thinking of the ELR, not XLR, which was based off the Corvette platform.

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