2025 Honda Prelude

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I know, this is quite a surprise. Honda renewed a trademark for the name Prelude just a few days ago. Companies do renew older trademarks all the time, but this gives us hope of a new Honda Coupe coming pretty soon, which would really be good news.

Sure, no one buys two-door cars these days, but some are still trying. Like Toyota with the GR86 and Nissan with the new Z. So why not a new Prelude?

Honda is working on a new EV platform not related to GM’s Ultium used for the Acura ZDX and Honda Prologue. So who knows, maybe the whole future lineup and maybe some old classic names could be based on that new platform.

After all, they did bring back the Integra, so why not the Prelude? For many years, it used to be the best-looking Honda, and God knows if they need a good-looking car these days…

A nice-looking electric Prelude would be very cool…

(The illustration above shows what a new generation Prelude could look like)

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  1. Love the idea. I hope they don’t try to make the Prelude into an electric baby-NSX. The Prelude was always a 2+2 and was already a little short on room, front and back. I considered one when I bought my first car, but took home an Integra3dr instead for that reason. That car did everything.

  2. Rest assured, it definitely won’t be for a Prelude 2 dr coupe. To understand that, all you have to do is remember the crazy amount of hype centered around the then unrevealed Acura Integra. Not to mention the serious disappointment when it was finally revealed as only a 4 door hatch. My guess is a sedan or sporty crossover of some type, but I seriously hope I am wrong.

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