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This is a second video about the all-new Cadillac IQ EV.

The IQ is related to the Hummer EV SUV, and not the Cadillac Escalade. Although it does its best to look like an Escalade.

The Escalade IQ will be available at the end of next year. At a starting price of $130 000. Going up to over $175 000 loaded. It has a range of 450 miles.

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  1. I am still waiting for the cost of EVs to start dropping. I have heard for a long time that they are cheaper to build and have fewer moving parts. Can’t wait until that starts transferring over to the consumer.

  2. The version GM have been showing in photos and video goes for $175,000 per GM. Nuts. How many $175k ANYTHING production vehicles have GM ever sold? Sure, a few buyers will prove PT Barnum was right, but this isn’t going to work the way GM think it will. Another failure for their Cadillac plans.

  3. They actually sell quite a few “regular” Escalades at that price. You’d be surprised…

  4. No – I built a “V” on their website, and the most expensive price I could put together was $161+k. And that’s for a beast that most consumers would choose before this thing. BUT – most consumers don’t select the V, it’s too expensive and unnecessary for them.

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