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We already know a revised version of the Tesla Model 3 code-named “Highland” is coming soon, very soon.

As you can see in this previously published spy shot, the whole front end is new. And so will the rear lights and bumper. Inside, the dashboard has always been covered up in prototypes and it is rumored to have a cloth trim instead of wood. Expect new door panels as well. Tesla is also getting rid of the stalk, which means gear shifting will be done on the screen, just like on the current Model S and Model X. Seats will also get a cooling system, among other things. As well as Tesla Vision and Hardware 4.0. This will be quite an update while keeping most of the current design.

Tesla has recently filed for new certification in China regarding range, for both the Model 3 and Model Y. Which could mean new powertrains or batteries for both models. A few years ago, Tesla revised both the Model S and Model X at the same time. I wonder if sales of the Model Y will tank after the reveal of a heavily revised Model 3, with people knowing most of these changes are coming soon to the Model Y. Maybe we’ll see both soon after all.

The most recent news also comes from China where the Model 3 is listed as ending production on August 14th. Possibly meaning the project Highland version would start production right after. European deliveries of the Model 3 have also just been postponed from this month all the way to October in some cases.

(I wonder what would happen if you actually like the current model more than the revised version…)

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  1. Finally! Getting rid of the duck nose. Now if they can figure out what to do about the awkward too-tatall greenhouse it might look decent.

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