2024 Lexus LM in Europe

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This is completely shocking news to me: Lexus is actually selling the ghastly-looking LM Minivan in Europe.

Strange on so many levels. First, I had no idea there was such a market in Europe for a high-end luxury minivan. This is mostly a Chinese market thing. While the first generation LM that came out in 2019 was not even sold in Japan, this new model will be sold in 60 countries!

In Europe, it will be available with 4 or 7 seats. The 4-seater features the thrones you see above. Again, who is this for in Europe? European execs are so used to being driven in expensive sedans by Mercedes or BMW. I cannot imagine someone actually picking a Japanese Minivan, no matter how luxurious. (I cannot even think of a European Minivan being built anymore either…)

The only powertrain available in Europe will be the 2.5 Liter Hybrid. The goal of the LM is quietness and comfort. Nothing else.

Obviously “good looking” or even “decent looking” was never a goal in the development of the LM. About the design, Lexus mentions a lot of PR BS like: “Relolute look”, “Next Chapter”, and even “Dignified elegance”. Which is almost funny.

I’d be curious to know how many they really expect to sell.

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  1. For whoever criticized the latest Chinese Buick minivans, they look right in step with this Lexus.

  2. In London because of the ULEV zone I saw a surprising number of Alphards around, so I guess this may work in limited numbers too.

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