2024 VW Tiguan Video

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Why don’t you join me and discover the all-new 2024 VW Tiguan in detail in this new video? Nothing fascinating really, VW just parled the car on an airport runway and filmed every detail of it.

Still, an interesting and detailed look a the all-new design, which is a welcome update after 9 years. And probably VW’s last ICE Tiguan.

I test-drove the current Tiguan years ago and was not impressed at all. The new one can only be better. The version shown in the video is the European model. A longer Tiguan will be introduced in a few months and will go on sale in North America later. Or much later, as VW usually does…

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  1. They are not making a LWB Tiguan this time. Many markets will get the next gen Tayron instead, while the US will get it but badged as the Tiguan.

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