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This new BMW concept is a refreshing sight after a long series of so many horribly obnoxious designs in their current lineup.

It almost looks like a concept from the 1970s. And it does immediately look like a BMW. It is rumored to preview an EV model that could eventually replace the good old 3 series sedan, and it would be great.

The new concept is a bit more production-ready than the 2 others BMW showed us. (4th pic). But it is still pretty out there for a production vehicle. Especially inside. Where of course, they are trying to figure out how to be “Tesla simple” while adding some style. Just like the new Model 3, there are no stalks or buttons anywhere.

BMW claims a production version of this will be on the road in 2025. Which means we could see the final thing as early as next year.

No matter how close it ends up being to the concept, I think it’s a great idea. We might finally see again BMWs looking like BMWs should. Starting in a couple of years…

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  1. This is better than the horrors we’ve seen in the last 5 years. I’d still like to see a bit more of the old E28 5series in this.

  2. Such a disappointment. BMW design has completely lost its way. This is NOT progress – by any stretch.

  3. Ok.

    Opinion seems to be split on this. I think this is a step in the right direction. The ideas just need refinement. Keep going, BMW…

  4. I can’t believe the negative comments. What a refreshing design this return to the classic mid-1990s 3 series. A beautiful compact sedan with C-pillars thin enough to actually be able to see outside! Yes, there’s lots of show car glitz in the interior, but the rest seems very feasible. If BMW makes this it will be another classic design that will stand the test of time.

    I hope the production model of this will reach the US. Such a wonderful change from the Bugs Bunny-in-a-nightmare SUVs BMW has made lately.

  5. I think these designs are better than most current BMW models. That being said, these designs don’t carry any BWM styling cues. This is probably a terrible thing, but I do like these designs.

  6. This is still a concept and it will be refined. I hope that it’s not downsized and humbled in comparison to current models that are growing nicely, otherwise that would be going backward, I feel. The previous Neue Klasse concept appeared small, and even looked like front-wheel-drive proportions. At least this Neue Klasse at the 2023 Munich Motor Show is larger and not so Front-Wheel-Drive appearing.

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