Cadillac Celestiq in the wild

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Fantastic. Futuristic. Impressive. Or just plain weird…

All these words, and more, come to mind by looking at these new photos of a Cadillac Celestiq driving down the street.

It is definitely original and a total stand-out in a crowd. But is it just too awkward as well? Photos of a bright red car going down the street quickly taken with a phone are the worst way to judge a car design. It does look huge and quite futuristic. And there must be a few hundred people a year who do want something a bit weird. The weirdest part for me is still the $ 340,000 starting price. But at the same time, this isn’t for someone who would be interested in a Rolls Royce or Bentley. This is for someone who craves something different. And it does look like a futuristic movie car from the future.

I say why not…

Cadillac CELESTIQ side profile view with the sky and mountains in the background.

To be fair here is what it looks like in much better (official) photos. And colors.

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  1. Really a mixed bag here: I’m glad to see the designers move away from the slab-sided, chiseled look used since the 1960’s but the front end looks like the man-eating devil vacuum cleaner from Hell. The elongated fastback with the tailights in the C-pillar is too weird for my tastes. At least they are trying something different.

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