Toyota bZ3X?

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Toyota has released a super short teaser video of an upcoming new model. Based on last year’s bZ Compact SUV, it is rumored to be called bZ3X.

However, when you look a the teaser (top photo) it looks exactly the same as the concept. It even says “bZ Compact SUV” as the concept did. Not bZ3X or anything else. I am not sure what this is but it doesn’t appear to be the production version of the concept. Unless the production model looks exactly like the concept. even the name.

This is usually not the case…

Either way, a smaller crossover looking even fairly close to the concert would be great. Being smaller than the bZ4X it could maybe improve on the 250 miles range of the larger model. A FWD version with around 280 miles range would actually be quite competitive.

at 178.6 inches long, the Concept is just 6 inches shorter than the larger bZ4X, and 3 inches longer than the Corolla Cross. And an inch shorter than the Honda HR-V.

I saw the concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year and the design was very impressive in person. Much more so than the bZ4X.

There is hope…

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  1. I don’t get the “Understanding” why a smaller electric can have less range and that’s ok? If range is end all/be all, then that’s like saying small electric is useless for road trips. Not everyone has to accept buying a very large electric just to get the range. Things like that are not going to go over well. So, we all spend 60,70 grand to drive 2 ton rigs to get the mileage? That’s real good for the environment.

  2. 280 or even 250 miles range is far from useless for road trips.
    I rented a Model 3 a few months ago and had no problem with my road trip.
    Not may small EVs can reach a 300 mile range yet, and they’re just fine.

  3. You have less of a cushion though. Right now, the price you have to pay to get to get the range is very high. They really need to get everyone at a 350 mile minimum. A small gas tank is one thing, just a few minutes to fill up.

    Toyota says they can squeeze what? Another 20% out in a few years? That’s what I’m talking about. I do a regular 230-240 mile trip one way every few months. Gas, non stop. That’s cutting it close to the bone leaving 30-40 miles left in mileage. I know what’s available electric wise on that route. Just a bit “More” and I’d be happy.

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