VW ID.GTI Concept

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Just a couple of photos of the new VW ID.GTI Concept I haven’t seen before. Since VW mostly showed the car in red a few weeks ago.

I think it almost looks better in silver. And even more like the current GTI for some reason. This basically looks like a car that should be out right now. This is a problem since the production version will debut in 2026 and will go on sale in 2027. That’s over 3 years from now, for a car that looks a lot like the current model.

Even though VW suits have been quoted saying “It would be a great car for the US”, I’m really not sure this will be coming over here. Since we don’t even have the regular Golf anymore. They only sold 6203 GTIs in the US last year. Unless the market changes radically and hot hatches become a popular thing again I don’t see VW taking a chance in the US. And again this design will not look fresh in about 4 years. I guess by then it will really seem like a retro car from the late 70s or 80s. ho knows…

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