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This could have been the best news: a new Honda Prelude is coming.

Instead, we have here a worst-case scenario. The concept is an EV which is just fine since, you know, everything will be electric in just a few years. But the design is actually horrible. I don’t mean this is an ugly car, it isn’t. But it’s not a Prelude.

It is a generic white car with black wheels. A 2 door coupe that could literally be a Toyota, a Mazda, a Nissan, or from dozens of Chinese car makers. But it’s not a Prelude. It doesn’t remind anyone of any of the previous Prelude generations.

It is such an unfortunate and uninspired design. Something that looks already old. The sad part is that it looks production-ready and will probably come out within a couple of years. This, sadly shows a complete disconnect from Honda and its past.

The Prelude concept reminds me more of this car, the Chinese Neta E EV, than any Prelude I’ve ever seen. Again, sad…

Let’s hope someone at Honda wakes up before the concept goes into production. A true Honda Prelude for the electric age would be such great news…

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  1. agree, it’s completely uninspiring and nothing about it says “Prelude”
    it almost looks like they grafted a slippery front end to the back end of an older Civic 2-door and smoothed out the curves

    why the extremely long nose and front overhang for an EV? it’s not like you have the engine all the way in the front? the proportions of this car are way off.

    the prelude was an elegant looking car, certainly gen 2,3,5.. 4 was a bit off but still much nicer than this concept

    to add insult to injury, it’s almost identical to the Neta E EV … you would think designers or the people approving the design would check the marketplace first “hey, is anyone else putting out a product that looks like our design?”

  2. Vince –

    “Instead, we have here a word case scenario.”

    “but the rotaty isn’t actually driving the car”

    “It also says Toyota is back in the EV fame in a huge way”

    … Are you doing this deliberately??

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