Volvo EX90 hands-on video.

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While at the Volvo Studio in Los Angeles to check out the Volvo EX30 last week, I realized they also had a new Volvo EX90 on the floor. I had never seen the EX90 in person and was, again, very impressed.

It looks really good in person and is much more modern than the XC90. Its interior is very impressive and actually a bit original. But in a way, a large luxurious SUV for $ 80,000 is less impressive to me than the $ 36,000 EX30. Anything costing $ 80,000 and more should be great. But a great-looking new EV from Volvo at $ 36,000 is even more spectacular. And surprising. While the EX90 is great, but also “as expected”.

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