Future Nissan GT-R.

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Nissan showed a few crazy-looking concepts a few weeks ago. One is now believed to be a preview of the next Nissan Juke EV, and another a preview of the next Nissan Qashqai. There was also a third one called “Hyper Force Concept” which is believed to be a weird preview of the next Nissan GT-R.

The concept is an EV with more than double the power of the current GT-R. Although the crazed-looking concept doesn’t look at all like it could become a production vehicle, there is a shape under all the unnecessary crap that could actually make a real car. Just like with the Hyper Punk Concept, where you can guess a bit what the next Nissan Juke’s shape could look like.

In my opinion, the Hyper Force Concept is one of the ugliest things I’ve seen in years and the next GT-R deserves better, better than a fake car you’ve seen in video games.

The terrible illustration above shows what a production version of the concept could look like. And that’s pretty ugly.

But, really, who am I…

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