Toyota Urban SUV Concept.

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The Urban SUV Concept is a preview of a new Toyota EV for Europe.

The production version will be Toyota’s smallest and most affordable EV in a lineup of 6 new electric models by 2026. At 169 inches long, it is about 2.5 inches longer than the new Volvo EX30. Or still about 3 inches shorter than a Corolla Hatchback. Toyota already offers a Hybrid model in that segment in Europe called the Yaris Cross.

Toyota only mentioned the new Urban SUV Concept is based on a dedicated EV platform. Not sure which one. It could be something new or a shorter version of the bZ4X platform. Same thing about the batteries. Although we know Toyota is working on new more efficient battery technology for their upcoming EVs.

I would assume this isn’t coming over here, but Toyota mentioned the Volvo EX30 as a competition. Since the small Volvo EV will be sold here, I would think selling the new Toyota in North America would make sense. It would also make sense to offer something cheaper than the bZ4x over here…

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