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Honda has just unveiled a couple of new EV Concepts at CES in Las Vegas. Called “Saloon” and “Space -Hub”. They had shown a teaser a few days ago, and mentioned they would “Debut their new Global EV series”, which could have meant a new series of production models. Instead, what we see here is 2 very futuristic concepts that could be Rick Deckard and J.F Sebastian’s new cars in a Blade Runner prequel.

I think they do look great, and quite surprising for a Honda design. The company claims it will be launching an all-new 0Series model, based on the “saloon” we see above, in 2026 in the US! I cannot believe anything close to the saloon concept design will end up in a production car within 2 years. However, it would be great, and would really bring Honda to the forefront of modern car design. But I have doubts…

Here is the official word from Honda about the Saloon Concept:

“The Saloon is the flagship concept model of the Honda 0 Series. Sitting on a dedicated EV platform, the Saloon delivers on the Honda “M/M*1” man maximum/machine minimum packaging concept with its low and wide exterior coupled with a surprisingly spacious interior. Sustainable materials are used throughout the exterior and interior. Inside, the instrument panel features a human-machine interface (HMI) that enables simple and intuitive operations. With excellent visibility and a sporty driving position, the Saloon promises to deliver an unparalleled experience that truly connects the driver with the vehicle.

In addition to the new exterior and interior design, the Saloon also debuts advancements of new steer-by-wire and motion control management systems. Leveraging the company’s decades of expertise in robotics, the Saloon features posture control that will assist the driver in a variety of driving situations to realize the “joy of driving” in the EV era. A production vehicle based on the Saloon concept is expected to come to the North American market in 2026.”

And about the Space -Hub concept:

“The Space-Hub was developed under the theme of “augmenting people’s daily lives.” Realizing a spacious cabin and excellent visibility based on the “Thin, Light, and Wise” development approach, the Space-Hub offers a flexible space that immediately accommodates a variety of passengers and becomes a “hub” that connects people to each other and the outside world.”

The one thing that will not change in its transition to production, is the brand-new Honda logo that will be used for Honda’s future EVs. And I think it looks really good too. A very simplified version of the old classic Honda logo.

Honda also expects that new battery technology will allow the production versions of the new 0 Series to charge from 15% to 80% in 10 to 15 minutes. Battery degradation will also be minimized to 10 % after 10 years of use.

How close do you think the 0 Series sedan will be to the Saloon concept?

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  1. Bring on the future! I’ve been so disappointed in the EV designs so far. They’re either outright ugly (GM) or rehashings of the ’60’s and ’70’s (Ford and Dodge). Totally new propulsion systems deserve totally new designs. Concept cars are usually woefully compromised for production, but I dopey enough to keep hoping

  2. I’m sorry to say it because I really love the Honda brand but…. where is the innovation? Where is the new function based on a dedicated ev platform. In the saloon the trunk is completely not rational and functional. The front is silly with a glass led effect. The design is an ugly mix between the Bulldog and the Countach. Why Honda. With the”e” you founded a nice language. The problem of the failure was everything but the design

  3. I tend to agree with you Vince, but imo, both of these designs, despite being very futuristic, are not attractive at all. No possible frunk either, which is one of the large benefits of most BEV platforms. Not a fan at all.

  4. Hmm… I do think the SpaceHub was developed off of Honda’s work on autonomous taxis. The Saloon. What to say there? It looks like a 1980’s vision of the future. Not really into it. The Man Maximum/Machine Minimum philosphy developed the very short hood lines, cab-forward of the 20-teens (9th gen Honda Civic, 3rd gen Honda Fit). Unfortunately, Honda went too far back the other way with the now super-long nosed (and plain) Accord and the TLX – and left nothing for the rest of the car itself. Ditto the Saloon. So, Honda, stop renaming things, like that makes it better. That’s the e-Honda version of Acura removing its names for alphanumerics. No one cares about “eNe1” etc… either. Use the Insight name.

  5. the walkaround of the Zeekr 007 just made Honda, Acura, Afeela and a lot of others seeking the electric future a lot more nervous. Honestly, this is how MB, BMW, etc.. should be defining luxury

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