New Honda EVs: teaser.

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The new teaser Honda just released shows us what could be a production version of last year’s e-N2 EV concept.

Although it already doesn’t look as angular and weird. The 2 cars shown in the teaser also look very similar, probably one being a more luxurious version.

These models are of course not for the North American market. These are part of Honda’s commitment to come up with 10 new EVs for the Chinese market by the year 2027. A far cry from what we will be getting over here by that time. Since the Honda Prologue will come out next year, followed by the Acura ZDX, and… Well, that’s pretty much it for a while.

These Chinese Honda EVs will be produced with Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda (which explains the 2 versions we can see in the teaser above)

The concept had a completely different design language than any other Honda model, and the new EV family is even rumored to include an electric coupe. How about that…

Meanwhile, GM-based Prologue and ZDX SUVs for us…

We will see these 2 new EVs for the Chinese market on April 18th.

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  1. to clarify…when Honda says TWO, it probably really means the same car with two different faces – one for each partner in China.

  2. Honda just announced that they are moving Honda Accord production to the Indiana plant in 2025 to build their own electric vehicle for 2026. They also have the Sony-Honda Mobility Afeela but that is actually a separate company. The Honda developed platform is a more premium platform than the Ultium based vehicles. In 2027 Honda/GM are developing a subcompact electric suv that can be built worldwide. All of this information is available at in press releases over the last twelve months.

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